Where Is The Location For Outdoor Fitness Courses?

Lakers Rise Recreation Ground


Lakers Rise 





(just off Chipstead Valley Road, one minute away from Chipstead Valley School. Bus 166 stops at the venue)

Entrances are next to the bus stop and through the kids playpark. Parking on site

What Does Being Part Of Our Fitness Community Include?

Full access to WhatsApp business community training group

** Full access to all classes on timetable

** Goal based specific programme

** Comprehensive body training

** TOR Training client portal login & headband

** Happy go lucky fitness coaches to assist you through your transformation

When Are The Outdoor Fitness Classes ?

Monday 9.30am

Monday 6.00pm

Wednesday 6.00pm

How Long Do Classes Last?

 The workouts usually fall within the 10-25 minute range. The entire session is usually 45-60 minutes long and includes warm-up, strength or technique session, and a conditioning piece called a WOD (workout of the day).

What Should I Expect At A TOR Training Class?

The way we organise our Outdoor Fitness workouts are to be designed in such a way to create intensity. Intensity is the closest thing to a “magic pill” when looking to achieve results and improved fitness.

Tell Me More About The Classes

Cross Fitness Power is more a full body workout with the first 15minutes solely focused on legs and lower body exercises. Followed by boxing fitness, core work and bodyweight strength

Cross Fitness Endurance is the workout for Lower body strength. Its more in depth focus on glue activation, quad tension and good shape. This session is split into 70% Lower Body exercises 20% core work and 10% cardio

How Do You Record Results and Achievements?

The easiest and simply way for us to monitor participants is by performing routines and workouts with a time limit, clock or scoring system. Your performance and score are recorded after every workout to help gauge your improvement.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Training Providers and Competitors ?

You may never do the same workout within a three month period. This is done to ensure that the body is constantly being challenged and is improving.