TOR Training is a fitness and independent sports brand.
Q; What makes TOR Training’s PT (what is PT?) service different to other rising fitness programmes?

Our unique training service means we are accessible internationally for online coaching and fitness regimes.

We also train our clients in 1-2-1 and group bootcamps any where around London and Surrey bringing innovative training sessions to the comfort of your home, local parks, sports conditioning studios and any specified gyms. Most importantly TOR Training staff are only satisfied if the customers needs are met while also progressing our client towards their goal.

Your first time or have you had a personal trainer before? – TOR will help you work toward your ideal goal. Our initial, 20min one to one consultation at a convenient time for you, will help us discover your personal needs, goals, devise a unique diet plan and training programme to assist you. This also gives us the opportunity to discuss your fitness desires and training regime needs (environment, type of training, facilities, comfort zones)

Our philosophy – we offer intense and exciting sessions with a fresh outlook. To achieve this we teach our clients to understand the importance of why good strong technique is more powerful than repetitions when targeting the ‘sculpted torso’ #TECHNIQUEOVERREPS.

Results – the opportunity to reach peak condition and performance through high impact training

Our exceptional service – professional guidance from a qualified personal trainer, with vast experience in leading industry gyms. We support you to improve your body weight, strength and power training. Combining workouts with a range of alternative moves to engage the key and major muscle groups.

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