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Reigate Academy Sport is an affiliated community club focused on providing opportunities for fun, health and achievement to disadvantaged young people who love sports and enjoy playing to County and National level.

We not only provide top-level technical training skills, but we encourage and overall healthy lifestyle and academic mentoring by developing skills helping athletes and sports-people reach their full potential. We ultimately get our clients ready for life as a professional sports person, we put them in front of the coaches and clubs who can change their career and ask that they give 100% commitment in any Athlete Performance Development classes or Physiotherapy activities.

We provide a focus and channel for young people to belong, not feel lonely and be able to express their fears and aspirations in a safe environment, without being judged.

For the community, we host well-being family events, and free community days once a month to showcase our local sporting talents, to ensure success. David, a certified Level 3 Sports Conditioning Coach (winner of Reigate and Banstead Entrepreneur award 2017) runs the club.